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All artwork in this site is copyrighted by Michael Gibbs.
All images copyright © 1990-2003 Michael Gibbs. All rights reserved.

Every image in this site is protected by copyright and may not be used for any purpose beyond normal online viewing and one-time comping usage in client presentations. No artwork in this site may be reproduced in any other manner whatsoever, for any use whatsoever, including print, multimedia or internet usage without permission of the illustrator. No image in this site is in the "public domain."

Some basic facts about copyright law and the visual arts:

Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) to the authors of "original works of authorship", which includes artistic works, both published and unpublished. Section 106 of the Copyright Act generally gives the copyright owner the exclusive right to:
• Reproduce the copyrighted artwork

• Create derivative artwork based upon the copyrighted artwork

• Distribute copies of the copyrighted artwork to the public by sale or by licensing

• Display the copyrighted artwork publicly

Artwork on the web is not automatically in the "public domain". If you did not create it or license the right to use it, you may not use it for any purpose without permission from the copyright holder. Any usage beyond normal browser viewing or one-time comping usage in client presentations is a violation of copyright law.

The creator of an artwork automatically and immediately owns the copyright to that artwork as soon as it is created, even without copyright registration. It is not necessary for the © symbol to accompany artwork to preserve copyright ownership for the copyright holder.

Artwork that is registered with the United States Copyright Office is granted powerful legal protection. Unauthorized usage may result in the infringer being liable for up to US$150,000.00 in statutory damages for each image willfully infringed, and for court costs and attorney's fees.

Artwork may not be copied and/or altered: when you copy an image directly or from memory; add, delete or combine elements; manipulate or alter an image; you are creating a derivative work. Under United States copyright law, the copyist is in violation of copyright law, and the copyright holder of the original work also owns the copyright to derivative works.

Additional information about copyright can also be found at these websites:

United States Copyright Office

The Copyright Society of the USA